Top 5 reasons why you should call a loss assessor when you need to make an insurance claim

What is a loss assessor and how can they save you THOUSANDS of pounds?

Simply put, loss assessors are the ones who have YOUR back in the event of a claim!

Ever wondered why most people haven’t heard of a loss assessor? Maybe it’s because their existence is a secret that the insurance industry doesn’t want out of the bag. Maybe it’s because when something seems too good to be true it usually is and there’s a catch. But not in this case, loss assessors really can save you money, hassle and valuable time when a disaster strikes and you need to make an insurance claim. If you still need convincing, then read on.

Who should you call when damage occurs?

Imagine the scene, you go into the kitchen to make a cup a tea and hear water dripping, you check the tap, it’s not on, you still hear the dripping, you glance up and to your horror water is dripping through the ceiling from the bathroom above. The ceiling is ruined, as are the floorboards and the shower upstairs needs to be ripped out to access the leak. 

As you add up the damage in your head your heart rate increases as you do the rough calculations. You break out into sweat, you’ve already worked out it’s going to cost thousands of pounds to repair the damage. You turn off the water and rush to get towels to soak up the leak. Now what? You feel panicked, afraid and you have a sinking feeling in your stomach. Then you remember you’re insured; it will all be fine.

You ask yourself who should you call first? A plumber, a builder? You reckon it’s probably beyond a plumber’s scope so should you call your insurance company? After all you took out the policy for situations like this. The answer is NONE of the above! 

The first person you should call is a loss assessor. “A what?” you may say. Never heard of them. Well that’s why you should continue reading because they can take care of everything for you and ensure that everything is repaired properly and restored to its former condition - all you have to pay is the policy excess, the rest of their services are FREE. 

Concept Building Solutions is a loss assessor you can trust and here are 5 reasons why they should be your first point of call when you need to make a property damage claim.

1. A loss assessor can be involved from the start, middle or end of a claim, the only point at which they can’t get involved is when you have accepted a cash settlement offer from the insurance company.

2. A loss assessor will take all the stress out of dealing with the insurance company and their loss adjuster, whether that involves meetings, letters or emails. All you have to do is sign a letter of mandate giving them the authority to act on your behalf.

3. Once you have appointed a loss assessor you don’t have to do anything. They will arrange for all the works to be completed to the highest standard by trusted, qualified contractors.

4. A loss assessor, unlike a loss adjuster, works in YOUR best interest, not that of the insurer, and will therefore make sure that all the work that needs to be done to repair the damage is completed so that it is fully restored to its original state.

5. A loss assessor will ONLY charge you the policy excess, everything else, labour, materials and time are paid for by the insurance company.

A comprehensive solution from day 1 until completion of the works

Concept Building Solutions is part of a nationwide network that is fully FCA registered. When we are called in to assess damage as part of an insurance claim we make sure that everything that has been damaged is included in our detailed schedule of work on an itemised basis. We then send the schedule of works off to the insurance company. 

We also guarantee that any work commissioned by our contractors will be carried out by fully qualified, reputable contractors that we have checked and verified. Not only that, when you sign the letter of mandate we are then legally considered the Principal Contractor, that means that when the insurer approves the claim for the works we are responsible for the health and safety aspects of the works. 

If you don’t use a loss assessor and you deal with the insurance company directly they will tell you to get free quotes from a builder or plumber, or another tradesman depending on the nature of the damage. Once you have submitted your quotes the insurer will send in a loss adjuster. The job of the loss adjuster is to lower the value of the claim as much as possible to the advantage of the insurance company. Beware, loss adjusters often recommend contractors who do not meet the standard of the contractors used by Concept Building Solutions in terms of qualifications and skills.

Taking the stress out of managing the works

Another advantage of using Concept Building Solutions is that from the moment you sign the letter of mandate they become the Principal Contractor. The Principal Contractor is responsible for ensuring that the works are carried out according to the latest health and safety regulations. If you make the claim yourself you will legally be the Principal Contractor and therefore liable for any health and safety issues on site. If that’s something you feel comfortable with then great, but all too often many people are not aware that they are responsible for the health and safety of workers in their home and have no training or experience of what this entails. 

So hopefully now you know when to call a loss assessor and why not using one could cost you dearly in terms of stress, time and  money. So remember, whatever stage of a property damage claim you are at make sure that the first call you make is to Concept Building Solutions and let them take the headache out of dealing with an insurance claim and ensure that all the damage that has occurred is fully repaired.

Concept Building Solutions, we’ve got your back when things fall apart.